Build Our Station!



In January 2005, the New York City Council approved the rezoning of Hudson Yards, in hope of transforming the underutilized Hudson Yards into a vibrant extension of Midtown’s business and residential districts. The project would help breathe new life into the neighborhood.

In order to better serve the neighborhood and to help boost its rebirth, the city decided to extend subway line 7 creating a new station at 41st Street and 10th Avenue. However, the Hudson Yards Development Corporation, the not-for-profit entity created to oversee the development of the plan for Hudson Yards, recently claimed that they lack the funds needed to build the subway line extension. Therefore, scratching the new subway station from the construction plans.

The extension of this transportation infrastructure was critical to the projected population and economic growth in the Hudson Yards. Without this station included in the project, the hopes of successfully revitalizing this neighborhood and creating a new business district are greatly impaired. This station was critical in creating an expansion of the Midtown business district. Without it, so much potential would be smothered.

Beyond the future goals, this project was going to impact the lives of New Yorkers. This project was going to create more than 1500 jobs during its three year construction period--300 direct jobs (construction) for three years and another 600 indirect jobs as a result of the construction. During this economy, we should be doing all we can to create new jobs, not stripping them away from hard working men and women.